Snartemon eläin Kansainvaellusaikainen lautanauha (Finnish)

Snartemon eläin Kansainvaellusaikainen lautanauha (Finnish)

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Tablet weaving from the Migration Period: A tablet woven band with an animal motiv from the Migration Period.

Finnish edition: Snartemon eläin Kansainvaellusaikainen lautanauha.

Maikki Karisto and Randi Stoltz have researched the tablet woven band that was found in the Snartemo II grave. In collaboration with the Vest-Agder Museum, we are launching a booklet about this exciting find and the technique used to weave this band at the Snartemo II grave.

The booklet and weaving patterns with the main pattern and sample patterns for the find from the Snartemo grave have been translated into English, Norwegian and Finnish and can be purchased at Tingvatn fornminnepark and in our online shop.

Language versions: 
English version
Norwegian version
Finnish version

About the Snartemo II find

The Snartemo II animal band is a 5,8 cm wide and 12 cm long piece of tablet woven band, found in the Snartemo II grave (Snartemo, Agder, Norway, 500-550 AD). The find is stored in Museum of Cultural History (Historisk museum) in Oslo, Norway. The tablet woven band came from the farm Snartemo which lays in the municipality Hægebostad, in the far south of Norway. It is a part of the larger region of Lister, Agder county, which in turn is famous for many rich finds from the Migration Period (375-550 AD).