Managing Archaeological Heritage - Cultural Historical Reflections

Managing Archaeological Heritage - Cultural Historical Reflections

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The book Managing Archaeological Heritage is part of the Vest-Agder Museum's publication series Cultural Historical Reflections and was published in December 2015. The book contains 13 articles that present different methods for the management, administration and dissemination of archeology from all over Europe. The text is in English.

Cultural heritage management is today made more accessible to the public than in the past, and examples of this are presented in this book. The book's editors have been Ghattas J. Sayej, Donald Henderson and Yvonne F. Willumsen.

The following articles are published in the book:

  • D. Knight and B. Vyner: Engaging Communities in Heritage Research: Regional research frameworks as mechanism for stimulating research and enhancing public understanding
  • A. Oniszczuk: Whom do we dig for or are we ready for a dialogue with heritage communities?
  • R.Karl: Every sherd is sacred: compulsive Hoarding in Archaeology
  • Y. F. Willumsen: Learning by doing. How to get people closer to archaeology
  • S.Hauge: Being a Child in the Stone Age. Local Archaeological Finds seen through the Eyes of Children
  • E. Nielsen: Learning by playing – live role play as teaching method
  • Z.Kuban: Çocuklarin Limyrasi – The Children`s Limyra: A Project with local children on an archaeological site in Turkey
  • A. Turker: Examples of Archaeological Sites from Central Cappadocia (Turkey) in the context of Destruction of Cultural Heritage
  • S. Miheli and I. Jankovi: Public, the Grand Inquisitor. Also a friend. Case study. Croatia
  • N.Semiz: A case study: Proposals for the Preservation of the Golden Horn Seawalls
  • M.Modarress: Disseminating the Archaeological Knowledge – Increasing Awareness of Cultural Heritage.
  • N. Botica, M.Martins, Carmo Riberio and F. Magalhães: 3D representation of the urban evolution of Braga using the CityEngine tool
  • G.Branco and L. Rocha: Managing of Archaeological Heritage in minimization and protection interventions

Norsk info om "Managing Archaeological Heritage - Kulturhistoriske refleksjoner"

Boken Managing Archaeological Heritage er del av Vest-Agder-museets publikasjonsserien Kulturhistoriske refleksjoner. Ny kunnskap og ble utgitt desember 2015. Boken inneholder 13 artikler som presenterer ulike metoder for forvalting, administrering og formidling av arkeologi fra hele Europa. Teksten er på Engelsk.

Kulturminneforvaltning gjøres i dag i større grad tilgjengelig for publikum enn tidligere, og eksempler på dette presenteres i denne boken. Bokens redaktører har vært Ghattas J. Sayej, Donald Henderson og Yvonne F. Willumsen.

Boken er utgitt av Vest-Agder-museet i 2015.
ISBN: 978-82-91178-31-8

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